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The Creative Juice Meet-Up

For Cincinnati Area Creatives

The Creative Juice Meet-up is FREE and available to any creative people in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Whether you've been creating for 20 years or 2 days, you will be welcome here. 



We meet every Monday morning* at about 9:15 AM at Red Tree Café and Gallery. The meeting takes place at the big front tables, so grab your cuppa and take a seat. The meetings are loosely structured and do not require any preparation on your part. They last about 1.5 hours, but if work beckons you, feel free to leave whenever you need to.

*We do not meet on national holidays.


Let’s work together

• Consulting and Coaching

• One-on-one training

• Deep dive business retreats

• Team building

• Speaking engagements

• Workshops

I haven't found another group like this in any other city I've lived in. This is really special and different.

– Matt

“I see a lot of events for artists, but too few based on productivity and good business.”


“Creative Juice is my connection to other artist on a deeper level and it is challenging and inspiring.”


“Juice attracts an amazing group of people. Whether the faces are new or familiar, energy is the same. Positive, humorous, helpful, friendly.”


What Juicers Say

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