Hi there.

I'm Margot Madison, lover of Creative Juice, the live meet-up and online community for creative entrepreneurs. I've spent 20+ years attending the Business School of Hard Knocks while I was running (not at the same time, but almost) my freelance graphic design business, a retail stationery shop, a wholesale business and then an online business. I’ve made a lot of bold moves I’m proud of and many painful mistakes along the way too. The worst part? I felt like I was the only one who didn't get it. And I was super depressed.

Then there was Creative Juice: A meet-up that started in 2010 at a coffee shop, open to anyone who had a creative inclination and who wanted to make a business of it. Every week, I found support. I found creative geniuses. I found My People and finally felt not like a failure, but a person struggling along with other people. Success came through friendships, collaborations, and shared knowledge. I realized that Golden Rule of life: We weren't ever meant to go it alone. We were meant to combine our strengths and support each other.

The tricky part of business is the business part, isn't it? The thing is, none of us ever went to business school. We just found something we were compelled to do, a dream we wanted to give a shot, and we just did it. We started a business without really knowing what it was to be in business. If you want to keep that dream alive (and I hope you do!), you'll need to learn some marketing skills and find a damn fine group of people to buddy up with.


Creative Juice is a bunch of creative people who are learning how to be smarter in business. Join us!

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