10 Costs I Didn't Anticipate in my Business

I've been in several entreprenurial adventures in my 20+ year career as a graphic designer from freelance to retail store to wholesale products. I thought that "working the numbers" meant figuring out what the product would cost, adding some percentage for profit and *bam* I'd be a millionaire. It all seemed so simple on paper! It turned out that I was way wrong. There were costs coming at me that I had no idea were going to be there so that my business finances really felt more like a bad game of dodgeball. If you're thinking about "getting serious" with your talents and making a business out of them. Here are 10 expenses that I didn't know would add to my bottom line at all or more than I'd expected. They are in no particular order, by the way.

1. Marketing Online

-Web design, maintenance, hosting

-Social media advertising

-Social media content

2. Marketing in person

-Booth fees & travel (NYC is very 'spency)

-Booth decor

-Promotional materials

3. Promotional Materials

-business cards, brochures

-GOOD photography (classes, equipment, software, hiring a pro)

4. Accounting


-Biannual reviews & consults

-Payroll services

-Tax preparation

5. Advertising

-Print ads

-Social media promotion

-Leave-behind cards etc.

6. Memberships

-professional websites & organizations

-fee structured services (e-sign, fax, newsletters)

7. Professional Fees

-Legal advice for start-up

-Contract development

-Special case scenarios

8. Samples, Supplies, Mistakes

9. Equipment





-Sales Tax (quarterly, monthly, yearly)

-CAT (Commercial Activity Tax)

-Federal (940, 941, 944)

-Job & Family Services

-Bureau of Workman’s Comp

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