5 Wholesale Printing Companies

You've got such a great idea for a product that uses your custom artwork, don't you? Now you need to get it printed! Here is a list of my most trusted and favorite wholesale companies that print very high quality products. Get your creative stuff out there!

Where can I print notecards, posters and invitations?

The folks at Stationery HQ could not have done a better job providing we artists with printing services. The paper stocks will impress you: luxurious double thick cotton card stock, pearlescent, and even recycled options. 16 standard sizes of flat cards from 2.5" square to 5.5 x 8.5". Need folded cards? They've got 'em. Need envelopes with liners? Yes. Want your art on metal waterbottles, notepads or lunchboxes? We're just getting started here. Stationery HQ is a wholesale distributor only, so you need to sign up to be a "retailer" but we assure you, it's worth it.

Where can I print to fabric?

Spoonflower is the place for you! Upload your digital art into the pattern creation site and watch it turn into a beautiful fabric design. You can order as little as a fat quarter yard, and the fabric choices range from jersey knit to thick cotton canvas. If you're thinking that fabric design might be your calling, then set up shop and let others print your patterns for a little passive income. I've also ordered gift wrap and removable wallpaper (with my designs and from other designers) and loved using them both.

Where can I print my poster sized art?

I can personally recommend Society 6 for art prints. The gallery quality giclée prints on cotton rag paper are dreamy. You get to choose the size of the print (from small 8x10" to 21x28") and again, offer it up to the public for a little extra income. And once you get there, go nuts on the cell phone cases, shower curtains and tote bags. Lord! You can get your art on everything but the side of a building!

Where can I print my designs to T-shirts?

Spreadshirt is my favorite place for this. You can upload photographic images and .jpgs but you can also create the more crisp and graphic designs with vector art. The vector images have to be approved and simplified but man, do they look way better than anything Zazzle can do. (Not that there's anything wrong with Zazzle...)

Where can I print plates and platters?

Do any of you remember making your own plate as a child where you'd draw something with that paper and some special pens? Then your mom would mail the design off to the company and you'd get a melamine plate with your drawing on it? Anyone? Makit, the company that make those kits also offers a wholesale product line too. Here is the super special reseller link to the wholesale products.

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