Antique Mall Scavenger Hunt

"Pop Some Tags"

Heading out to the antique malls this weekend? Is thrifting is your favorite pass time? Our Creative Juicer Jeb came up with this game to keep his kids occupied while he and his wife Anne enjoyed the antique shops.

A few of our favorite things...

This is a list compiled with great care and from someone with a sarcastic sense of humor and hours to kill. Item #10 is an Ice Bucket, #35 is a painting of a clown, #42 is to find a Barbie still in the box, #54 challenges you to find "Something that says Jesus on it" and #94 is to find a cheese grater. Remember, if you find that Wil-E-Coyote detonator you automatically win the game but you must contact Jeb so that he can purchase it. Jeb's never forgiven himself for that missed opportunity...

Group Games, Anyone?

It occured to me writing this post that these would also make a fun group games for reunions, team building games or activities for retreats.

You can download the Antique Mall Scavenger Hunt game for free here. In order to access the download, we will ask you to add your name to our website membership. Please don't feel like you're giving away your life to some marketing company to send you endless bullsh*t spam. We hate those people too and vow never to abuse the privelege of knowing you.

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