Creative Juice Monday Morning Wrap-up: September 29, 2014

It was a busy meeting this morning! Lots of energy and good bits of information from the group.

Hot Topics:

Agents Needed

It was decided that we could really use an agent to get our sh*t done. Where is this person who can keep us to deadlines, negotiate contracts and sell our value better than we can??

Saying No

This is not a new topic, but the resolution continues to elude us. How can we learn to feel confident to say no to a job that is not in line with our goals? We need the money? What's the balance? Having been working with this particular client, how do we get up the nerve to change the terms? Why are we so worried about our clients "not liking" us or "yelling at us" when we submit the bill or contract that does reflect our value? Let's dig up some answers, people. We'd like to see this change!

Resources and Links:

Creativity For Sale

Matt H. mentioned the book "Creativity For Sale" in which the author did some creative ad selling in order to crowd source the printing of the book. There were some nay-sayers but overall, we had to admit that it was a creative way to overcome the ever-overwhelming issue of Not Having Funds. Link to the book is on the Resources page.

Shoppe Class

Never heard of this great place, but Shoppe Class offers creative classes at Essex Studio. They just finished a class on "Creative Characters" (Lisa B, the photo looks remarkably like you!), and there are some interesting ones in the works like Mixology and Creative Braiding. Cost per the Creative Characters class was $55 and sponsorships are available.

Sell Your Mac

Having spent all last week researching and purchasing a new Mac computer, Lisa B discovered and recommends Sell Your Mac brick and mortar on Kenwood Rd. and online.

Save For Web

We had a useful conversation about how to save your images for web optimization (by clicking "Save For Web" which reduces size and dpi). Vanessa S. had done some research comparing of the various methods of .jpg images and Matt H. and Lisa B. talked about the advantages of saving the .png file (which retains the transparency). I'm thinking we need to discuss this further because I'm still a little confused. What do you guys think: Podcast? Webinar? Juice Meeting?

YouTube and Your Business

Video is the hot medium right now for getting your skills, products and business out in the world. Matt has a friend who makes a good living off YouTube and can talk to us about how he does it. I'll try to book him for a The Juice Cast podcast. Let me know if you'd like to be with us to ask questions.

Sound Cloud

This was for the benenfit of the podcasters out there. Sound Cloud is a site that allows you to upload audio (podcasts, music etc) and people can "like" it or comment directly to a section in the audio. Sounds interesting. :o)

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