Monday's Wrap-Up: October 13, 2014

Entreprenurial business tips and resources from yet another great Creative Juice meeting!

How To Become a Freelance Writer

Jeb B. is taking an online writing course called Freelance Writing Bootcamp from Jason Brick, who is testing it out on this small audience first. We also heard about Jeb's newest freelance writing gig. You'll want to ask him about that. ;o)

Get business advice in Cincinnati from JoeThirty

Matt H. told us about this interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs in Cincinnati. "Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to speak with the community, ask questions, get feedback and make connections…all while having a great cup of joe!" Find more info or sign up for a session here.

Triple-Thick Business Cards

Matt H. showed us his new business cards that were printed on triple thick stock with a cool black core surrounded by white.They were printed at Overnight Prints.

Foil Stamping Resources

Two resources for foil stamping: B&R Printing (Cincinnati) and Stationery HQ (California). Both ship and offer excellent quality.

Moon Forest Studio

Sarah Miller brought in some of her newest creations from her studio. We truly think they are amazing (despite the slow sales at those effing craft festivals) and so Lisa is connecting Sarah to a rep so that they can be presented for licensing to larger companies. Photobomb courtesy of Caleb P.

Make Your Own Font

Lisa B. has used Type Tool by Fontlab to create fonts from her own hand lettering. She used it when creating a font for Panera.

Creating Digital Magazines

Lisa B. is using Issuu to upload her new look book. You can also create digital (and printed) portfolios, catalogs, magazines and books with this site.

Creative Jews Christmas Party

Caleb has announced his intention to have a Danish themed Christmas Party because, even though he's Jewish, Christmas is awesome. This should be interesting.

Gift Wrap Challenge

Margot wants to challenge we creative juicers to do some creative holiday wrapping. Anyone interested will wrap one box in a creative way and we can post the results.

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