Monday Wrap-Up: October 27, 2014

This is a review of what was discussed at the Creative Juice Monday morning meeting. You are always welcome to join: 9:30 AM at Red Tree Cafe in Oakley.

Brack of All Trades is Live

Jeb Brack has been working on his website, currently named "Brack of All Trades". (By the way, photo above was taken by Juicer Karyn Hlad-Miller.) Please take a look (link here) and offer your constructive comments. His tagline is "Words. Pictures. Magic." and it was discussed whether this was the better title for the site (instead of Brack of All Trades). Is it better to be clever or clear when it comes to company names or personal representation?

Opportunity is a strength but only if you use it! Jeb's freelance bootcamp brought up a concept called S.W.O.T. analysis when approaching your creative business: Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. An opportunity is a strength but only if you use it! What are the opportunities you have that you can use to promote yourself, make new contacts or create new products? Are you taking advantage of them?

Using Creative Juice for Accountability Jeb's self-proclaimed weakness is procrastination. He's using the CJ group to help him with accountability. What do you need help holding yourself accountable for? What's that project that you just can't get finished? You need a personal nag? Or would you be more likely to get sh*t done if some scary guy was ready to break legs if you don't finish that effing project? We can arrange that.

ModBotanicals Lisa Ballard's love project ModBotanicals is progressing nicely (image above is one of her wall hangings). The digital look book is finished (with incredible photography by Juicer Gina Weathersby and fantastic photostyling by Juicer Nora Martini). Now she is working on content to submit to online or printed magazines with a readership primarily in the decor industry (interior designers etc). Does anyone have any advice for her? What's the hook? First person or Third Person? Caleb thought the "urban greenery" trend would be a good start. Does anyone have any blogs or magazines that would be interested in this? She's ultimately looking to license the designs and/or sell products retail via production houses like Society 6, Spoonflower etc.

Dan's Book! We haven't seen Dan Richardson in a while but during his absence from Creative Juice meetings, he's written a novella! His process included spending an hour or so each day plugging away at this story that he's always wanted to write! Huge congratulations on finishing it! No plans for publications yet. He just wanted to get it done and let it sit. But now that people are reading the little book, he's getting....comments. So:

What do you do with external criticisms and opinions? How much do you listen to what people are saying? Do you change your content to suit the comments? Do you ignore them and just do what you want?

Felt Sense Caleb recommended a book called Felt Sense: Writing With The Body. "Felt sense refers explicitly to the body, and in particular, to the way the body and the mind are connected....To work with this body-sense, we need to attend to our bodies and to discover just what these inchoate pushes and pulls, these barely formed pre-verbal yearnings or leanings, are beginning to suggest to us." Caleb suggested this article on guidelines for composing, which is a series of exercises for writers (and certainly other creatives) to find their truth and inspiration. Find her book link in our Creative Juice Resources page.

Cirriculum on Creative Process Caleb also brought up an idea to use all of our compiled knowledge of creativity to develop a college cirriculum to help studets draw out their creative brains in order to communicate better or process information differently. Thoughts?

Cincinnati Meet Up This is a site to find a groups meeting together about any topic. Julie B has used these for Wordpress, Vanessa used it to find a meditation group.

SloMo This is a movie recommendation because we started talking about how inline skating is so relaxing. I believe it's on Netflix.

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