Monday Wrap-Up: November 3, 2014

This is a list of some of the creative design tips and resources discussed at the Creative Juice Monday morning meeting on November 3, 2014. We discussed e-commerce platforms, Secret Artworks, CreepShow PeepShow, and free alternatives to Adobe Software. In attendance at this meeting: Lisa B, Dan R, Jeb B, Tiffany V, Lindsey H, Margot M, Julie B and Vanessa S.

Welcome Lindsey Huttenbauer!

Lindsey made it to her first Creative Juice meeting this Monday! Woohoo! She has just created and published her website for her event planning business The Lindsey Baer Company. Take a look at the website (made with Squarespace) and like her Facebook page, Juicers.

What is the best platform for e-commerce?

Since Lisa B is revamping her website to sell some of her ModBotanical products, we started talking about the various products available as plug-ins for Wordpress and other blogging sites like WIX and SquareSpace. WooCommerce is a free plugin for Wordpress and currently used by Lisa on her site. Shopify was also brought up. It's a lot like Etsy but allows you to set up a shop that looks like it's still on your website. You have to pay a monthly fee whether you sell a product or not. In both cases, you have to be able to link up to your credit card processor (Square or Paypal etc).

Who is participating in Secret Artworks?

Secret Artworks is a fundraiser where artists from all over Cincinnati submit up to 5 pieces of art on a 5x7 card. The price of a ticket to the event means that you can take one piece of original art of your choosing. They are given away on a first-come, first-served basis. The artists do not sign their piece so you don't know who created it. Creative Juicers Jenifer Sult and Tiffany Vincent are both participating this year.

Creepshow Peepshow

CreepShow Peepshow is this Friday, November 7. Here is the link for more information, which is also included in the Creative Juice Calendar. There will be several Creative Juicers represented there!

Free Photoshop Alternative?

Jeb's having a hard time stomaching the price of Photoshop. Tiffany mentioned a free program called Gimp that mimics Adobe Photoshop. In the same vein, Inkscape is a free program that mimics Adobe Illustrator.

A Creative Juice Google Hangout is Coming...

We don't know where. We don't know when. We don't even know how. But it will happen. We will probably talk about SEO. If you have done this before, or if you have requests for Hangout topics, send me an email.

SEO Success Story

Julie B wrote a great case study blog post on SEO and how she managed to drive traffic for her client to the first page of the Google search site. Read all about that here.

You are always welcome to join: 9:30 AM at Red Tree Cafe in Oakley. If you would like to recieve consistently inconsistent contact from Creative Juice, sign up here.

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