Finding YOUR creative business lifestyle: How many hours a day do you have to work?

Finding YOUR creative lifestyle: How many hours a day do you have to work?

Creative minds do not function like other peoples’ minds. Instead, we are perfectly designed to be non-traditional, disruptive, consistently inconsistent, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, “look at the shiny colors!”, “I can’t possibly do that right now because I’m creating.” kind of people. Just because we square pegs do not fit nicely into the round holes, it does not mean that we can’t be productive people who can run a profitable business. This series of blog posts is meant to help you appreciate and acknowledge your special creative personality and discern how you can find a creative lifestyle that works for you.

Today, we look at the optimal amount of time you can work.

How many hours per day can you work and create? We’re not looking to fill your day with work, although you may possibly wish to do that, especially on a day when you’re bursting with creative ideas and energy. The point here is to know and understand what your schedule will permit and how that will dictate what your work week will look like. Don’t think about where those hours in the day are yet. Just think about how many hours you think you can fit into your daily life. And also how many hours your own creative stamina will allow. It may be only an hour. It may be 12 hours (lucky!)! It may be 4 hours. Think about who and what else is going to require your attention during the day and night. You may have a day job and only see 1 hour each day to be creative. You may have little kids who only nap (if your lucky) for 2 hours in the day. Is this your time? Are you willing to give yourself this time? Are you able? You may decide later on (and as your business grows) that your creative business requires more time than you currently have, but you’ll have a chance to put your creative mind to work on solving that problem later.

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