The Squeeze: November 10, 17, 24 2014

"The Squeeze" is a compilation of all the creative business tips and inspiration from the Creative Juice meetings and online chatter. Due to some slacking and "other" business deadlines, this is a compilation of the last 3 weeks. Also, I changed the name from "Monday Morning Wrap-up" because it wasn't a great name. We'll see if this one sticks. :o) -Margot

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes is an anthology and TWO Juicers Jeb B. and Michael P. have short stories included. Please show your support and consider backing the project on Kickstarter here. The campaign ends on Wednesday, December 10, 2014.

WTH is a "Hackerspace"?

Hive13 is one: Approximately 3500 sq ft of "Hackerspace" (open work space) in Cincinnati. "Hive13 was formed to provide a Hackerspace for the Cincinnati area, and we encompass many interests – computing, mechanics, artistry, chemistry, brewing, complex biochemistry, among many others. Our intention is to provide an open framework for hackers of all stripes to exchange ideas, skills, and information, learning from each other as well as teaching."

Where Can I get Freelancer Support?

You mean other than here at Creative Juice? Freelancers Union is a non-profit "organization that connects freelancers to group-rate benefits, resources, community, and political action to improve their lives – and their bottom lines."

What is Fiverr and does anyone use it?

Fiverr is a website where artists (voice-over, graphic design, maker etc.) offer up their services for $5. Some say you get the quality you pay for, some say it's a great way to get into a business opportunity, some have used it for really simple projects (like vectorizing an image). Have you used it?

How can I develop a passive income product?

We've been talking a lot about this in our meetings. Passive income is a digital product that sells after you've created it, generating income with a one-time effort. Marnie H. just finished a fantastic set of emails for a company called "DoTerra" that sells essential oils. The product is a set of 30 total emails that share product information to the sales representatives. Once the product is purchased, the emails are automatically sent to the recipient's email address (via MailChimp). There is a lot of support and detailed information on developing and marketing your own passive income product on the Flipped Lifestyle podcast and website.

What are LeadPages?

Leadpages is a website that can help you sell a digital product online. If I understand correctly, Leadpages stores your product for downloads, distributes the product when it is purchased, gives you easy templates to use for selling the product and possibly links this all to your bank account.

Advent Words on Instagram

Anne B. and Margot M. are participating in this IG challenge. A word is offered via AdventWord in IG. You take a photo of your interpretation and #adventword.

Good Online Reading

Matt H mentioned this website called Medium a while ago but it's good reading. It's a host site for writers to share stories and make comments. This is an interesting story on the costs involved with a musical tour.

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