The Squeeze: Dec. 1-15, 2014

"The Squeeze" is a compilation of all the creative business tips and inspiration from the Creative Juice meetings and online chatter. Sign up here for your own personal emailed version. -Margot CREATIVE JUICE HOLIDAY PARTY is this Thursday, December 18! 6:30 pm at Vanessa's beautiful house in Avondale. 1021 Marion, Cincinnati, OH 45229. True to form, we creatives have waited until the last minute to decide that we want to celebrate our friendship and our accomplishments we've achieved this year. Please bring an appetizer to share, drink of your choice and a friend or spouse if you wish.

David Bowie Exhibit in Chicago

Julie Bolton took a group of art enthusiasts from the Dayton Art Institute to see the Bowie Exhibit in Chicago. She recommends it (and staying at The Palmer House) highly! It's showing until January 4th. Being a youngster when his music was new, I did not know that he had so many "characters", which are a part of the exhibit. Very interesting artist, indeed.

Miwa Matreyek

This is an amazing interactive video performance. Link here and if you can figure out how she does it, let us know!

Rent a Pop-up Space

Of course Matt H is "in the know" with this. Simple Space is a storefront on 13th Street in OTR, Cincinnati. It is available to rent by the night or the week. Have a pop-up store, throw an event, fake a long-standing business for your in-laws, whatever! It looks like there is a pop-up Christmas store going on this weekend if you want to check it out.

Using Kickstarter to increase your business model Tiffany was intrigued by the idea that you can use Kickstarter to simply expand your business versus fund/sell a new product. She referenced Carabello Coffee's Kickstarter project to expand their business and purchase the building they are currently renting, among other coffee and philanthropic things. Anyone used Kickstarter for this? Was it successful? Interested in Coding? Girl Devlop It is offering a coding class in January. I believe Julie B is taking it and Becky F is considering it. Not sure about Tiffany V. Amy Bogard takes Ginger Small to Taos Amy will be spending the next 2 weeks in Taos, NM as the artist in residence. She's going to prepare Ginger Small for her introduction into the publishing world. Have fun, Amy! Here is a link to her Ginger Small fauxstage (faux postage) on Letter Writers Alliance.

Post the World's Smallest Letter Miniature lovers, delight: The World's Smallest Post Office will send a miniture letter or package to you or anyone you'd like to delight. OMG. It's so cute I can't stand it!! Must Listen: Startup Podcast Startup Podcast documents Alex Blumberg's (This American Life, Project Money) journey to create a podcasting company. Hear him flub his pitch to one of the biggest investors in California, consider the risk he's putting his family through and recover when he makes a HUGE mistake. The transparency is there and I bet you'll relate to the internal struggle between the artist and the entrepreneur. Bollywood in Oakley Did you know that the Cinemark Theater in Oakley shows Bollywood movies on a regular basis? It does! They also offer $5.50 movies on Tuesday.

Must Watch:

Nutrigirl (aka Lisa Andrews, RD and Creative Juicer) on Fox19 News, The SNL Hobbit/Office Mash-up and Big Zero Six (especially if you're a fan of 3D printing)

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