Finding YOUR creative business lifestyle: What hours are the most creative and productive for you?

Finding YOUR creative lifestyle: What hours are the most creative and productive for you?

Creative minds do not function like other peoples’ minds. Instead, we are perfectly designed to be non-traditional, disruptive, consistently inconsistent, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, “look at the shiny colors!”, “I can’t possibly do that right now because I’m creating.” kind of people. Just because we square pegs do not fit nicely into the round holes, it does not mean that we can’t be productive people who can run a profitable business.

This series of blog posts is meant to help you appreciate and acknowledge your special creative personality and discern how you can find a creative lifestyle that works for you.

What hours are the most creative and productive for you? When do you really start “digging in” to your creative work? Is it early in the morning before the sun rises and before everyone wakes up? Is it during the day when nobody is home? Is it late at night or even in the middle of the night?

Knowing this information about your creative productivity process is critical to scheduling your time, especially if you have limited time to work on your projects. I have an illustrator friend who often wakes up in the middle of the night and works. She is fresh, and unhindered by the daily onslaught of client questions and business interactions. My most productive time is around 3 pm. Since my kids come home around 4:30, that only gives me an hour to dig in, but often it’s enough. I make sure to get the daily work tasks done early in the day so I have that time to create freely later. Many creative’s I know work really well after dinner and when everyone is going to sleep.

What is your best time? How can you get those creative hours in without disruption?

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