Goal Making for the Goal Averse

Are you going to make some goals this year?

The first Creative Juice meeting in January will be on making goals. Not WHY you need to make them, because you really already know why. We are going to state them out loud and then discuss all the possible road blocks (roadblocks=ourselves) that could get in our way of achieving those goals. If you need only to state your goals in public in order to get going, this is your time. Need an accountability partner? We'll find one. Don't have the skills to get going? We'll help you out with that too. The big point is this: 2015 is going to be the Best. How can Creative Juice help you make that happen?


Setting goals makes me feel super vulnerable, like somehow it's going to set me up for failure. I am so darn good at flying by the seat of my pants! This is where my skills lie! Got an emergency? I'm your gal. Got a long term plan with multiple steps that require attention every day? You should probably go talk to my Virgo sister. She's awesome at that.

My Big Goal

I decided that 2015 was going to be the year that sh*t gets done in my life, both personally and professionally, and I'm pretty sure that might be considered a goal. So I'm going to give organizing and planning my very best shot. I'm sure I'm not going to change overnight but I'm going to practice every day at both setting goals and maintaining the structure to attain them.


Juicer Gina W. recommended this very helpful digital guide by the lovely Amanda at Kaliedoscope. As she notes, good goals need to be SMART: Specific (for the easily overwhelmed like me), Attainable (for the big dreamers), Relevant (for the easily distracted) and Time-bound (for all of us because creatives defy time).

I'm Starting Small

I bought a big-a$$ full-price calendar made of paper and started writing down all the stuff I was thinking about: Blog posts, holidays, what I could write about or do each week in January. I don't mind telling you that I am already overwhelmed. But I have faith that the calendar can be a little guide to get me back on the organized trail whenever I'm wandering toward the shiny objects, or down the client or internet rabbit holes.

See you Monday or online.

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