The Squeeze: January 2015 Edition

The Squeeze: January 2015 edition

This is a compilation of just some of the great information and ideas we Creative Juicers share at our meetings and online.

We're one month into 2015 and things are looking pretty damn cool. When discussing our goals (intentions, aspirations, ambitions--whatever word makes you cringe the least) there were some common themes: focus, systems, embracing technology and social media, blogging, SEO and the generalized "I need to get more sh*t done!"

We are going to help each other get sh*t done! Read on my creative friends... Quick Fix: Refresh your online presence starting with your "About" page If you're looking to update and refresh your online presence this year, how about starting with the "About" page on your website and various social media? It's a small step but very important for your new visitors! Inform your new readers of your accomplishments, your credentials, your passion for your work and your personality. People want to know WHO you are and why you are fantastic in your field!

REAL, LIVE (that's "live" like "five") LEARNING Here are a few of what Juicers are planning in the next year. If you are offering lessons or classes, share yours with us by contacting me!

Creative Courses at Gina Weathersby's Photography Studio. Gina is going to share her love and passion for photography in several in-person courses at her photography studio such as this one on Encaustics in Photography. Her online course about Food Photography Narratives on Bloom Online Forum is back by popular demand. Gina is also offering to co-host a session with YOU! Gina is also cohosting courses with various visiting artists. Is there something you'd like to teach in a beautiful studio setting? Contact Gina!

We've had a few more writers join our ranks! Welcome to Nancy Averett, freelance journalist in the science/environmental genre. Nancy has been published in Runners World and Audubon among others. Welcome Matt Peiken, arts journalist for WCPO in Cincinnati. Matt is taking the Costarters classes to vet his idea for an OpEd site. I may not have properly introduced Theresa Hernandez, who is touring with her teen fiction book The Union now available online here. And current Juicer Mike Pitman gets to go to Washington DC to cover the State of The Union Address. That is very awesome!

Looking to learn more creative business skills on your own time? Jessica Jones recommended which offers live on-line classes from experts. This week they are offering classes on "Essential Tools for Illustrator", "Fulfill Your Creative Purpose", "Photoshop for Photographers", and "Command The Fees You Deserve", (Side Note: I just accidentally wrote "Frees" instead of "Fees". Looks like my subconscious is alive and kicking!)

What would you do if you didn't need money or attention? Fantastic article on this here. Does that hit home for you? I thought the "attention" part was an interesting spin on it. That darn ego...

Mike's poem is going to be a tattoo! Mike Fleisch has finished the poem he co-wrote for the Artworks Ink Your Love project that will soon be tattooed on multiple Cincinnatians.

Caleb Paull is officially now a "Digital Story Telling Facilitator". Caleb is going to be facilitating the story writing process for those who want to tell and preserve key narratives of their life. We'll be planning at least one other Storytelling Workshop this year. How to Write a Mission Statement That Doesn't Suck Great 3 minute video here that makes you glad you left the corporate world. ;o)

The Juice Cast Web Desiging Smack-Down In latest The Juice Cast podcast episode, Jeb, Margot and Matt discuss our personal experience with the website creating programs of Wordpress, Wix, Muse, Squarespace and more. It's not quite a smack-down but close. Click here to listen on iTunes.

NEW for 2015! Here are some ideas that we will be making real this year for you.

A studio clean-out sale. Let's pass on our awesome creative/crafting stuff we're not using to another crafting horder.

Work-out Sessions. Gatherings where we get work done on either a specific topic (Photographing your work for social media, websites or shops) or just to get you out of your studio for a while. What do you need to get done that would be better in a work group?

Book Club. There are some helpful and thought provoking books that will enhance our creative businesses. We can read and discuss in person, in a Google Chat, or in a forum. Recommendations anyone? SHOW US WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Don't be shy. We want to know so it's kinda mean of you to hide it. Link to the FB page or send me an email.

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