Finding YOUR creative business lifestyle: Do you want to work weekends?

Finding YOUR creative business lifestyle: Do you want to work weekends?

Creative minds do not function like other peoples’ minds. Instead, we are perfectly designed to be non-traditional, disruptive, consistently inconsistent, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants, “look at the shiny colors!”, “I can’t possibly do that right now because I’m creating.” kind of people. Just because we square pegs do not fit nicely into the round hole but it does not mean that we can’t be productive people who can run a profitable business. This series of blog posts is meant to help you appreciate and acknowledge your special creative personality and discern how you can find a creative lifestyle that works for you.

Do you want to work during the weekends? This is a very important question for many creative hobbyists who want to turn their creative pursuits into businesses. Craft shows, parties and events, art exhibitions, music gigs and conventions often occur during the weekend and may require travel. Do you love being on the road and meeting new people in new places? Do you have daycare available for your children? Do you work during the week and this is your only opportunity to commune with other artists and talk to your customers? Do you want to spend your weekends working on your house or spending time with your family?

When I decided that I wanted to expand my invitation design business into event styling, it didn’t occur to me that I would be setting up all day Saturday and then pick up the display stuff after the party was over. One or two of those long days and I was looking to expand my creativity in other directions! I know other creative friends who LOVE getting on the road and traveling to gigs over the weekends. And other crafters who don’t mind packing up a pop-up tent and display cases a few weekends per year because it’s worth the money they can make at a craft show. Think about if and how many weekends you are happy to be working to sell or promote your creative business.

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