Snap Judgement: a Lego Mini-series by Jeb Brack

How do you find fresh content to post on your website?

We creatives all worry quite a bit about this, don't we? A few months ago, Creative Juicer Jeb Brack decided that it was time to get his website current and start adding original content on a regular basis. Since Jeb writes, illustrates and is a magician he aptly named his site "Words. Pictures. Magic." He designed and created the site himself on WIX, a cloud-based program. (You can hear him talk about the process on The Juice Cast podcast episode #26.)

Jeb Created a Mini-Series One way to keep the content fun and consistent is to create a mini-series, a serial or a recurring post theme. Jeb decided to use his story writing skills and love for Lego to create a detective story mini-series called "Snap Judgement". Through the process, he has sharpened his skills in story writing, photography, Corel Draw and social media. Most importantly, he is still enjoying the posting and has not burnt out.

Here is this week's edition

Studs liked his building and he liked his office. It smelled of mice and stale paper. The L in the poolhall sign flickered and buzzed all day so that half the time the sign said "Poo." The whole place oozed desperation, and it suited Studs just fine.

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