50 Shades of Gray: The Amy Bogard Way

Creative Juicer, workshop leader, illustrator and writer Amy Bogard wrote a beautiful blog post on the 50 shades of gray that we (in the midwest) see all winter long. For those of us who thrive on color, the winter can seem a bit...depleting. This made me see my world with a new appreciation, and almost made me want to take a walk. Almost.

I declare that I'm not the least bit interested in the movie or the book "50 Shades of Gray". I mean no offense to those who did like it. Sometimes, I just don't want to be a part of something simply because everyone else has strong opinions about it. Plus, I like to save my controversial comments for other topics like whether lite mayonaise is worthy of my sandwich. (Which it most certainly is not!)

Sometimes I ponder the real value artists bring to the world. Then I read posts like Amy's and I know what our contributions are. We remind people of the natural wonder all around us. Thank you Amy!

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