The Squeeze: February 2015

Share The Love It was a very loving month indeed. So many of you participated in the "Share The Love" on Facebook (thank you for that idea, Vanessa Sorensen!), telling us what you do and where to find you online. If you didn't have time, remember that you can do this ANYTIME. The whole point of Creative Juice is to get support and to be active in our community. If you've got something going on, tell us about it. Ask about it. Just don't sit there and wonder. For the moment, we are primarily on Facebook but you can also send me {Margot} an email. The MakerSpace at the Cincinnati Library Caleb organized a tour of this great place at the downtown Cincinnati library. This is a great resource for equipment that can enhance your business. They have lasercutters, 3D printers, banner makers, cameras & photography sets/greenscreens, a sound studio and mixing board, pin-back button makers, sewing machines, and a think that can draw on a ping-pong ball. The opportunities are endless, creative friends. Jeb, Nancy Averett and I recorded a Juice Cast episode in the sound booth and asked a bunch of detailed questions on the use of the equipment and space. I'll let you know when that goes on iTunes. Congratulations to... Lisa Andrews (dietician/NutriGirl) was nominated for a National Excellence in Media Award for her work presenting great nutrition advice on tv. And she was also on Fox19 News again discussing food that improves your mood here. Amy Bogard's Sketching Workshop in Taos, NM is sold out! You can reserve your space for 2016 here, so if you missed this opportunity, plan ahead for next year! Dan Richardson sent his book to the publishers this week! This was a collaboration with designer Vanessa Sorensen. Dan has been working on this idea for over a year. Way to push through, guys! Vanessa Sorensen who fired all her design clients (after finishing Dan's book) and started working full time on her giant woodcut prints. Christina Wald has led lectures and workshops this month on storytelling in comics and illustrating children's books. Jessica Jones fabric collection "Time Warp" is hitting the stores now. Take a look online here. What to do...what do to... Interested in learning more about Wordpress? Tiffany recommended this workshop for WP beginners going on this weekend. Watch the movie "Making It" This is a documentary that follows 3 illustrators as they navigate their career in art. Several Creative Juicers are going to the free screening this Friday, February 27th at 5:00 at The Cincinnati Art Academy. You can watch the actual movie on iTunes here. Make Dinner Amy Stafford posted this recipe for Chicken Piccata on her blog A Healthy Life For Me last week and it looks mighty fine.

Did Etsy Kill Craft? There is an interesting article here in Wired Magazine about one artist's view and why she closed her shop on Etsy. What do you think? Is Cersei up to no good? I know I'm late to the Game of Thrones table here, but I just finished the last episode in season 4. I think Cersei is manipulating Jamie and fixin' to cause trouble for the realm. Am I wrong?

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