Finding YOUR creative business lifestyle: Do you want co-workers?

Finding YOUR creative business lifestyle: Do you want co-workers?

Listen, not everyone is a good fit for the office environment. Creative types are definitely ones who like to work at their own pace, and many *cough-almost-all-cough* are pretty introverted and like to work in cozy little nests where nobody interrupts their reverie of creative delight. You know that introverted doesn't mean you don't like people, it just means that being around lots of people sucks the energy out of you. So think about this:

The benefits to working alone

Do you prefer to work on your own? You can maintain your solitude by recieving assignments from a rep, loading up your work to sell online, or selling in markets or retail shops. You control the pace. You control the time spent both making and selling. You may need to fake extrovertedness at the craft festivals but that might be a decent trade-off for you. You don't have to be a total recluse and can always find meet-ups online and in person to get some creative stimulation or as a reason to shower.

Drawbacks to working alone

One person can only make one product at a time, so you will be restricted by volume no mattter how industrious you are with your one-person production line. There are still ways to find success! Is there some way you can create a digital product that can be downloaded at any time, or you could utilize art fulfillment places such as Society6, Spoonflower to do the production for you.

The benefits to co-workers

Truly, you cannot do and be everything you need to be in a creative entreprenurial world. You can create, but can you create enough? Are you getting more work than you can produce? Are you terrible at social media or uploading your products to your website? Find what you dislike (and never find the time to do) and consider filling that space with a co-worker. This will take away a whole bunch of guilt and frustration from your business and inevitably make it more productive and profitable. Co-workers don't necessarily have to share space with you. You can get help from online resources like Fivrr. You can load up all your stock into a box and have a budding photographer take those photos for you. You can hire someone to be a another festival while you are busy that weekend.

Potential problems with co-workers

Hiring on help means that you will have to likely teach them what they need to do. This might mean you have to be clear and patient with them and there might be a learning curve. I can tell you the wait is worth it, but be ready. Co-workers cost money. You might need to work out taxes if this person is going to be working for you on a regular basis. Or if you would like to keep them on a contractual basis, make sure your accountant knows to provide the correct paperwork.

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