The Squeeze: March 2015

The Squeeze: March 2015 edition

This is a condensed version of what we Creative Juicers have discussed and celebrated at our meetings or online. A lot of interesting conversations this month focused on Twitter (what the hell-, why the hell-, and how the hell-type questions), Studio rental options, how to grow your business and what we think of the on-line design competition companies.


Terri Schmitt! Terri has enjoyed various creative pursuits like graphic design and catering and now she is painting. Here is a link to Terri's FB page.

Congratulations to...

Jeanne Debonis who QUIT HER JOB THIS WEEK! Jeanne, a masterful printer, has been thinking and wondering and worrying (sound familiar, Juicers?) about the right time to quit her web developer job with the Cleveland Museum of Art and this week she did it! Welcome to our world Jeanne!! It ain't easy but is awesome to be free. Here is a link to Jeanne's FB page and Twitter.

Vanessa Sorensen's Birding Journal was featured prominently on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (suggested binge watch on Netflix). Birding nerds are so cool! Jeb Brack is now podcasting on the unabashed gaming nerd and geek culture podcast All In The Reflexes available on iTunes.

Brad Plogsted and Anne Koch got married this month! Congratulations to this international design power team. We await wedding photos. News You Can Use There is an Art Supply Swap going on at Brazee Street Studios April 10th. More details on that here. We will be having our first Creative Juice Studio Clean-out Sale as a part of Second Sunday on Main this August. Get ready to clean out your creative stuff and make room for some more. I don't know about you, but I've got a crap-load of envelopes that need a home... The Spring Art Works Co-Starters class deadline is passed but you can get a head start for the Summer program by June here. Many of our Creative Juicers have worked with the Co-Starters program in a variety of ways and it's a great way to learn more about fine tuning your current creative business or starting a new one. Looking to sell your fine art online? Take a look at Saatchi. Looking for online classes for your fine art business? Terri recommends Wondering how to use the Cincinnati Library MakerSpace? Jeb and I talk about all the details (including what file formats you need to have for each station) on The Juice Cast.

TELL US WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Share your awesomeness with us! Link to the FB page or send me (Margot) an email. To be on our Creative Juice email list, sign up here.

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