Stumble here.

So many creatives think that stumbling is better as a private act. We often don't tell anyone about our struggles because that would mean we are less than perfect, or vulnerable, or stupid or foolish.

Where do you stumble? On my short list: I struggle with finances. I struggle with my A.D.D. I struggle trying to please everyone. I struggle with balancing my family's needs with my own. I struggle with deadlines and to-do lists. I struggle learning new computer programs. I struggle with my impatience to be finished. I struggle when I see other people doing really well with something I want to do really well in. I struggle deciding what foods are good for my body. I struggle when people don't like me. I struggle when I accidentally insult someone. I can go on and on, trust me.

Give your stumbles a little love Stumbling through learning is not going to end, so you might as well figure out a way to tolerate it. I'm not asking you to embrace the stumbles, but maybe try giving them a little side hug.

Don't be afraid to share

The undeniable truth is that if you share your struggles, they will lessen and eventually dissipate. Sometimes you talk your way out of them. Sometimes another person's experience enlightens you. Sometimes someone jumps in to lift you up just enough so you can make it to the other side.

Share here

When the lovely April Combs Mann started our Creative Juice group, we had no idea how much the sharing of struggles would be such a big part of the conversations. By sharing, we have found ways around our own road blocks. We have collaborated on difficult projects. We have been enlightened. We have found expertise in areas that we never knew we had. This is an astounding aspect of a group of like-minded, positive and honest folks. If you're struggling or stumbling with anything in your creative business, don't be afraid to join in these conversations. It can be with us, or in your own creative and safe community. Whatever you do, don't let that creative light burn out!

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