The Squeeze: April 2015

The Squeeze: April 2015 Edition

It's been a fun-filled April with many new faces at Creative Juice! Of note, nutritionist Lisa Andrews got yelled at by a client for having an Obama bumper sticker, Lisa Ballard sold her design soul to Yankee Candle, Caleb Paull declared that he is going to promote himself with the tagline, "I am not a douchebag.", we helped Lysha Ingle Broad navigate a tricky friend/customer situation with great advice from the Juice crew, Rachel Rothstein from Artworks visited to talk about The Big Pitch and it was determined that Matt Peiken is in the "transition phase of labor" of his impending launch of Opine Season. Welcome... Roy Robinson who is a fantastic illustrator with a penchant for ironic humor. Take a look at his work on the website and blog A Cast of Billions. He's new but willing to try Facebook so be sure to "friend" him there.

Congratulations to... Amy Stafford co-wrote an e-book called Thyme. Looks like some good recipes and growing tips included. Link to buy the book is on her website here. Amy Flesher of Hunky Dory Studio is the featured artist at Indigenous Gallery and her cute and creepy products will be at both The OFF Market and City Flea this year. Tiffany Vincent, whose Ohio slates are selling like hot-cakes! Sarah Miller of MoonForest Studio will also be at City Flea this May. Jennifer Sult of J Sult Design is opening her Cut+Sewn studio in Northside next to Sidewinder Cafe. Studio Space for rent Jenifer Sult may have space in her very large Northside studio to rent to Juicers. Contact Jenifer if you are interested in learning more. Book Recommendations Karyn Hlad Miller recommended reading Amanda Palmer's book The Art of Asking so we are planning an informal discussion group on that. Blog Post of the Month Matt Hoffman from Fieldhouse Collective wrote the blog post Slowing Down which showcases ogle-worthy photos, great story writing, and a few tasty-looking drink recipes to boot. Beautifully done, Matt! Matt is on FB and Twitter.

Tell me what you're doing! Don't be shy! Share your accomplishments large and small, visit us at Red Tree Cafe on Monday mornings at 9:15, and invite anyone into the Creative Juice group who needs a boost or a community to help them stay inspired. {Margot}

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