Want to leave your job and start a creative business?

Want to leave your job and start a creative business?

I meet so many of you who are considering leaving your day jobs and starting a creative business. As a creative woman myself, it was obvious early on that the corporate world was not for me. I didn't know how to play the corporate games. I got my work done in a fashion that usually appeared, well, unproductive. When I left my last corporate gig over 20 years ago, the first thing I did was call the only person I knew who was living the life creative. It was my friend Kimberly, who is a painter. She didn't reprimand or instigate panic. She just said, "Welcome, sister!" and we made plans to have lunch the next day, God love her. Taking the leap was scary but I knew I'd made the right decision. While I've not made all the right decisions since, I've never EVER regretted it. So, my creative friend, I'm here to tell you that you can do it!

What do I need to know before I start a creative business?

As a classic "leap before I look" kind of creative, I have taken many classes in the school of hard knocks. Know this: A creative business is a BUSINESS. If you've never been in business for yourself before, there are a few concepts you will want to know about before you take that leap. I created a 20 question Creative Business survey based on all my past mistakes and mishaps, and ones I see creatives making every day. It will get you on the right path to creative entrepreneurship because you'll have a better idea where you might need to do a little more planning. If you're the type that plans incessantly, this will undoubtedly give you the confidence that you're really ready to take the leap.

What kind of Creative Business will work best for you?

Creative entrepreneurs are a unique breed. We are genius in some areas (our creative work) and we are challenged in other areas. This doesn't mean you won't be successful! It only means that you might need to learn more, or to have someone else take over in that area. Then keep the dream alive and DO IT!

Find your creative tribe.

From what I've seen being a part of this particular creative group (Creative Juice), and those like it all over the country, there is nothing like real people who can offer real support. If you'd like to link to a group of creatives, sign up here for the tips, resources and information we've gleaned from each other.

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