The Squeeze: May 2015

The Squeeze: May 2015 Edition

What's the Squeeze? The Squeeze is a compilation of all the good things that happened last month in the Creative Juice world. Welcome to some of our newest Creative Juicers!

Lisa Corum (aka G.L. Corum) has just published her book, Ulysses Underground. This is a 10+ year research effort detailing NEW and riveting history about Ulysses S. Grant and his involvement in the Underground Railroad and abolitionist movement. It is available directly by emailing Lisa and will soon be available on Amazon. We heard about how Lisa started, and most importantly, finished and published the book in episodes #34 and how she dealt with critical feedback in episode #35 of The Juice Cast. Follow and support Lisa via her website, Facebook and Twitter. Monica Kohler is the creator of "Skubes", skirts that take you from yoga practice to your errands in style and comfort. She'll be selling at Second Sunday on Main this June 14th and has been collaborating with Jenifer Sult's new Cut*Sewn patterning and production studio. Follow Monica via her Facebook page until her website is up and running. Dawn Murray, who I've had the pleasure of watching change from new mom to new professional photographer in the past year or so. Dawn is busy establishing her photography business Dawn Murray Photography and specializes in families and individuals in outdoor settings with fantastic props in Warren County and the Cincinnati area. You can follow her on the Facebook page or the website. CONGRATULATIONS to Jenifer Sult (Cut*Sewn) and Rachel DesRochers (Grateful Grahams) for being the finalists in Artwork's Big Pitch. Gina Weathersby wrapped up her role as production crew for the movie, Goat (filmed in Cincinnati with stars James DeFranco and Nick Jonas). Vanessa Sorensen's acorn print was accepted at the 71st Zanesville (Ohio) Art Exhibit. Christina Wald is the illustrator for the San Diego Zoo's 2016 Centennial Celebration. Matt Peiken launched his podcast Metal Braniac which I highly recommend even if you hate metal music as much as which I do. NEED A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO FOR YOUR MEDIA PROFILE? Dawn Murray has offered professional photo mini-sessions for our Juice group members. This is a quick and inexpensive to get the updated professional quality photo you've been needing. Sessions will be outside and not in a studio. Email Margot for more information. BLOG POST OF THE MONTH Seriously, Gina Weathersby can make humble, healthy and delicious food look truly divine. This month on her blog, she takes on dandelions, the weed I've been trying to eradicate from the stones in my front garden. Recipes for Honey Dandelion Butter, Dandelion Flower Fritters and Dandelion Dill bread included among the visual wonder. Revel in the tasty gorgeousness here.

As always, thank you for being your amazing creative genius selves! Don't forget to post what you're doing so I can share with the rest of the Creative Juice group. You are an inspiring collection of people! ~Margot

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