Learning to Hate Social Media Less

I admit to having a certain amount of resistance when it comes to some social media platforms but I've lately wondered if I'm just being, well, "old lady-ish" about it. One of my attitude adjustments for this year was to hate social media less. Why?

1. Because it's not going away

2. Because it's where my customers are

3. Because it can be a cash free method to connect with my customers.

The Problem (as usual) Is Me

One of my biggest forces of social media resistance is that I don't really get it. I don't know what to say. I don't know what people want me to say. I don't know how it relates to my creative business. I don't want to be "that person" who everyone secretly blocks.

Baby Steps

I decided that if I was ever going to make it work, what I needed was to be spoon-fed simple post ideas so that I didn't get stumped, bored, and overwhelmed. So created and lined up 30 days of emails containing super simple and fast post ideas and committed myself to at least TRY IT. I chose to work on Twitter because that's been one I've rolled my eyes at for years. Really–-140 characters, hashtags, endless sentences that read like robots and hick-ups in my head? Seriously, what is there to like? But you'll never guess what happened.

I Kind of Liked It

It was certainly easier to have done all the thinking ahead of time so that I didn't have to start each day asking myself what I was going to post, or worse, post something irrelevant and stupid. I looked forward to my little email reminders and kind of enjoyed the creative challenge. I started fading a little around day 15 but reminded myself that I was the one who wanted to do this, so I rallied against my bad habit self and persevered. I did miss about 2 days because of random reasons but I didn't dismay or force myself to do double posts. I just let it go and moved on to the next day. You'll never guess what happened next.

It Worked!

There were some definite positive results. Here is what my Twitter analytics looked like for the 30 days I worked on this compared to the month before.

30 days previous:

1.2% engagement

11 link clicks


5 favorites

7 replies

30 Days of posting:

2.2% engagement rate

58 link clicks


71 favorites

20 replies

That's not too shabby. Now, I was bound to see some positive results because I wasn't doing diddly squat with Twitter before the 30 day posting program. BUT hey, I started. I'm going to do it another 30 days and see if the momentum grows. I'll update this when it's over.

If You Want To Try It Too

Give it a shot! I'll share my 30 Days of 30-Second Posts email series with you for free. You can sign up for it here. Let me know if it helps you get over some of your social media reluctance and better yet, gets you and your business some good attention! That's what it's all about afterall, right? Right.

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