Collaborative Music Videos

When creative people share their talents with each other, magic happens.

Mark's classic musician's dilema

Mark Dignam has an influx of new songs that need to get into the world of media as he promotes his gigs and albums. He's a pro on and off a camera, but who has the time and the money to schedule video production when you're making music all the time?

We just happen to know a genius with a video camera

Matt Hoffman of Fieldhouse Collective recently discovered a new style of video that requires very little production time and wanted to offer it to musicians at a comparatively low price. He calls these videos Field Sessions.

Matt, meet Mark. Mark, meet Matt.

The Creative Juice Magic

Of course, it's not really magic but it feels like it when two awesome creative people collaborate for their mutual benefit. Look how amazing the results are!

If you find your creative pursuits stopped up because of lack of finances or know-how, start making some friends with creatives. Ask around and offer up your talents as a barter or partial payment. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get your stuff done with the power of two rather than the power of only you.

If you like this style and need a video of your music, connect with Matt here.

If you like the music and want to hear Mark's album, click here.

If you want to stay connected with this group of creatives, click here.


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