5 Juicy Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Page

How do you boost your Facebook business presence?

At our last Creative Juice Workout Session, Teri Cooper from Reveal Marketing walked us through some super simple changes that optimize our business Facebook page to have better SEO, better new client communication and better overall marketing strategies. As always in our sessions, there were many “doh! How could I not have seen that?!” moments and “Oh my gosh! That’s awesome!!” moments and even more, “Teri, can you show me what what the heck you’re talking about?” moments.

What we were missing

The overall takeaway is that we were missing a lot of opportunities on the “About” section of our Facebook page and the ability to change photos within the page. Here are a few of the “a-ha!” moments for us:

What the hell is the Impressum?

Yeah. Not one of us had this filled out because we had NO idea what it was. The Impressum is the official statement about why the page exists. For most of us, the impressed ideally said something like, “This is the official page of {my business name} and is managed by {my name}.”

Be Advised: The “Short Description” is not what you think it is

The “short description” (also found on your “about” section) is NOT actually a short description of the business like we thought. The Short Description needs to describe VERY BRIEFLY what the user will get out of following your page. Get the difference? So, instead of your cleverly thought out description of who or what you and your products are, you might say something like “Award winning artist posting my illustrations, design work and watercolor classes at my studio.” The words in your short description are shown when anyone clicks on the “about” section of your page. More importantly, if you ever run a campaign to get more likes or run an ad for your page, this is what people will see. I can’t stress enough how you have to think of the benefit your followers will receive by knowing you and your business.

Add a description to your cover photo

This is kind of a big deal and all of us had no idea that we could or should do anything with this. When you change your cover photo, click on it to add a description. A good description has a call to action and hopefully something that encourages engagement. Viewers can see your description when they hover over the photo—no clicking needed! You can add a live link in this section so if you want people to sign up on your newsletter, check out your schedule or offer a special discount for those people who did click.

Change your cover photo often

Teri’s advice was to change your cover photo often, and definitely use it to promote anything new that’s going on with your business. It might be new art in your shop, a recent performance or a new product you are offering or a seasonal message. You can change back to your branded cover image when the image is out dated but the idea is to keep things rotating around in your page. The more activity you do, the more attention you’ll get from viewers.

How can we get more people to “like” our page?

Friggin’ ask them! Invite your friends to like the page (that option is on the left side of your page). If you haven’t done this in a while, send out some more invitations. People may not have paid any attention when you did it the first time and you probably have more friends now anyway. Did you know that you can also import your email list and Facebook will send invitations to people who you’ve connected with previously (and possibly not via Facebook)?

Our kind of learning

If you’re a “show me” learner like most creatives, being able to ask questions that directly related to our own special situation is very helpful. In a Workout Session, everyone learns from each other’s questions and the work actually gets done. If you are interested in joining in on future sessions, sign up for notifications here.

Want more Facebook Marketing tips?

Teri has given us a pdf list of other helpful tips you can use for your Facebook marketing, which you can download for free here.

See examples of how we applied this to our own business pages!

These are the business pages of the Workout Session attendees:

Art of Id


Metal Brainiac

Shelly Reese Studio

R. Ewers Designs

Dogwood Studios

Queen City Crowdfunding

Sound Bites Nutrition

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