Making Video Is a Snap

My friends, video is definitely IN right now. Most social media channels now offer video in addition to still photographs because works really well to attract attention to your post. If it's a slightly intimidating concept, here are a few tips to shorten the learning curve.

Here are some ways to use video for your creative business: • An animated image for your blog or social media post. (these are called GIF files--quick tutorial here) . • A yearly wrap-up • A video of your process (people love to watch you work!) • Make an animated message with stop motion video • Show your product in action • Send a thank you video to a company you like

What Social Media channels support video?

Facebook will automatically play the video in your post with sound optional. It's pretty self-explanatory but you can read more on how to do this here. What you can't do is copy a video from FB and insert it into a blog post (believe me, I tried on this one) or upload a GIF file unless it's living elsewhere in the webiverse (like on your website). You can get the embed code but that's big time web stuff and well, I'm not there yet, so I can't explain it to ya.

Instagram will play up to 15 seconds of your video. You can record directly from your phone by holding the red circle record button down after selecting the video option. More instructions here. You also cannot download video from IG, the bastards.

Twitter has a maximum video time of 30 seconds. You can record directly to Twitter or upload one from your phone or other source. More info on how to work with Twitter videos here.

Some Useful Video Apps

Stop Motion Video Already On Your Phone Camera

You can make stop motion videos from your iPhone. I have an iPhone 5s it is an option in the camera settings. I created this stop motion video by setting up my phone on a garbage can (it ain't gotta be fancy!) and recording the creation of this nature skirt. This probably recorded about 30 minutes of time into a 30 second video.

Stop Motion Video App For Your Phone

If you wish to have more control over your stop motion video, this stop motion app is helpful. It's very easy to use and free version has certainly enough to work with if you're keeping things simple. I ended up purchasing the upgraded version because I really wanted to add text to one of my videos at one point. I'm really struggling with a way to prop my phone above my table for a "bird's eye view" rather than a side view from my table-top tripod. If anyone has a good solution for this please let me know!

Christina Wald used the stop motion ap to record the creation of one of her paintings:


Artist and calligrapher Robin Ewers uses the Hyperlapse app, which can speed up or slow down a real time video. Here is one she did showing the process of her calligraphy art.

Looking for video but still want a pro to do it for you?

It's almost too good to be true, but Matt Hoffman is offering to make a 15 second video starting at $1. (I know!) You're definitely going to want to read about this greatness on his website and sign up on his list to be the first on the list.

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