Using email marketing is definitely not scary!

Why would I want to use email marketing

for my business?

Email marketing seems to be one of the most under-utilized marketing techniques in the small business world and our businesses could be doing so much better if we embraced it a little more! Whether it's fear of being a spammer, frustration over how the heck to do it, or paralysis over what to say in an email, this is a common obstacle in our road to creative business success. It's worth getting over all those resisting factors and getting on top of it.

Here is why you want to know more:

• You can communicate directly to your audience and on your own terms.

• Your list of emails is an asset that adds value to your business.

• You can grow your business and make more money!

Reasons you are not using email marketing now

(and how you're going to get over them!)

1. I don’t want to be a spammer.

Great! Don’t be one. Your email list is made up of people who actually said they’d like to be connected to what you are doing and saying. You are going to delight them with information they really want to have. That’s not spam! That's actually really cool of you!

2. Isn’t being on Facebook and blogging enough?

You may have hundreds of followers, but that social media page belongs to Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, who control who sees your content and can also shut your page down if you want to. (Now that actually is scary!)

3. People aren’t going to read my emails.

Yes they will. Read again the spamming comment above again.

4. I don’t know what to say/do with an email or newsletter.

Yes, that’s a sticky wicket, as they say in jolly old England. Keep reading because we Juicers are going to help you with that part.

5. I don’t have an email list.

Well, it sure ain’t gonna start itself! I can tell you from experience that it’s not too difficult. If you need a boost of confidence then join in the Workout Session detailed below.

6. I don’t have an email service (and frankly, they scare me.)

There are many online services that are easy to use such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and ConvertKit. Trust me when I tell you that these services will shorten the learning curve and make the email process efficient, organized and attractive.

7. I don’t have any money for marketing

Don't you think it's time you invested in your business? Most services are less than $20 per month (that's one lunch out, friends!) and I’d wager you will multiply that investment in just a few months. Also, Mailchimp offers a simplified package for free until you feel comfortable with spending a little cash to do what you really want with this.

8. I can just cc (copy) or bcc (blind copy) everyone and send a group email that way

Actually, that's considered bad email etiquette. Plus, you are also restricted by how many email addresses you can group in one email. You can sometimes be viewed as a spammer by the computer-bots. People do not like their emails to be seen by other people on the list and want to keep it private. You have much more control and access to data with an email service.

Are you ready now to get into this

email marketing thing now?

Creative Juice Workout Session on Email Marketing

Would you like some hand-holding on the road to email marketing domination? Look what we can do together...

First we will learn:

-Which email marketing service will be right for your strategy and budget

-Tactics to build an email list (including lead magnets, online apps and sign-up buttons)

-Email content strategies specific to your industry that will keep people opening, reading and clicking links in your emails

-How to use autoresponders, lists, and check statistics to improve your content based on analytical data and feedback

-How to sell without sounding like you’re selling

Then we will do:

-An email subscription collection page that can be used on social media and on your website

-An email template so all your emails look like they’re coming from your brand

-An editorial content list of ideas specific to your business (because what are we, if not great idea generators?)

If you are not completely convinced, listen to this adorable couple from Kentucky convince you. They've made a TON of money using their email list and know how well it works. Seriously, listen.

We're going to have a Cincinnati Workout Session on Thursday, February 4, 2016 from 10:30 AM to noon. Click here to RSVP.

Click here to sign up for future Work Out Sessions.

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