5 Ways to Amaze Your Creative Friends in 2016

How can you make a HUGE difference in 2016 for yourself and the creative people you know? How can you help someone succeed in their business without even spending a dollar? Oh, dear friends, it is so easy to do.

Here are 5 ways to amaze your creative friends this year.

1. Tell your friends about your entrepreneur friends.

There is NOTHING more powerful than your personal recommendation. Nothing. Your friends trust and admire you. They want to know what you know. And you know a lot of amazing and talented people. Tell your friends about a gallery opening you're interested in. Tell them about the cards you bought from your printer friend. Tell them about your friend who is selling her paintings at an art show.

2. Share and retweet.

This is so simple and literally takes a click of a button (or a tap of the finger, as the case may be). If one of your entreprenurial friends is posting about their products, where they are selling or an event they are in, share that post on your social media wall. You don't even have to make a comment when you repost, although, if you read the first on this list, you'll do that as well.

3. Show up.

Show up at those craft shows, those art galleries, those concerts, those lectures, those store openings, those organized events. You don't have to buy anything to make another creative entrepreneur feel great by your physical presence at their events. It matters. It makes a huge difference in the energy of the event. And if you show up for them, they will reciporocate and be there for you.

4. Praise Unceasingly.

Tell all the creative people you know how important their work is to you and to the world. If you actually don't like their art, don't worry!* You can praise their efforts, their courage to put themselves out to the world, their accomplishment, or their joy in creating. Even people who are super duper famous and have tons of adoring fans still need you to tell them that they are connecting with you. Don't be shy. Do it!

5. Write a review

This takes a few moments but makes a huge impact on a business. Write a brief recommendation for a friend's product. There is a link on the Facebook business page to leave a recommendation. You can leave a comment on a post about the product. You can send them a note or write an email.

*What if you don't really like someone's work? A friend of mine has a great compliment she uses that is enthusiastic and not a lie: "Wow! It looks like you are really having fun (or working hard)!"

If you are a creative entrepreneur and could use some more amazing friends in your life, click here.

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