How To Use Pinterest For Your Creative Business

How can Pinterest work for your creative business? It leverages your expertise to inspire and attract new clients and customers, which drives traffic to your website and ultimately leads to sales.

Pinterest content that lasts ONE THOUSAND TIMES longer than other social media sites.

I'm assuming you are already on Pinterest with at least a personal account. If not, read this post and come right back. (I'll wait...)

Think about what Pinterest is for you personally.

• You can explore visual inspiration from people all around the world • You can find expert advice in the form of tutorials, infographics, lists, recipes and more to learn new stuff.

• You can search, discover, collect and organize products and ideas for future projects, travel or events.

How does Pinterest work for your business? Oh my gosh! Pinterest can support and contribute to your business in so many ways! Here are just a few examples.

Remember that Pinterest is a LONG game.

Because Pins are seen for months, rather than seconds (like Tweets), think ahead of trends. Be patient and most importantly, be consistent.

You can leverage your expertise to inspire

Monica from creates fashion ensembles that include her skirts plus other clothing and accessories that complete a look. Anyone searching Pinterest for fashion inspiration will find her suggested outfits and save them to a Pin board. Later, the pinner will be more inclined to purchase a Skube skirt now that they know just how it might look as an outfit.

You can offer advice or information about your product. Karen rents a gorgeous villa in Italy called Rocca di Benano. The Rocca di Benano Pinterest boards offer helpful suggestions on places to visit and things to do in the medieval village surrounding her villa. Not only is this helpful for anyone planning a trip to Italy, she can offer the Pin Board to clients who are booked so they can plan their trip with ease. What a way to build confidence in her customer's purchase and planning!

You can create boards that prove your industry expertise. Jenifer's company Daughters of Style sells high fashion sewing patterns. Her Pinterest boards share the fashion inspiration she collects from around the world. Anyone who is interested in fashion industry trends experts will enjoy her content and understand that a real fashion expert is behind the sewing patterns.

You can create boards that speak to a specific need your customer might have.

If you reverse that concept and imagine how you fit in as a content provider, you can see how your business can fit in to the Pinterest picture.

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