How Creative Entrepreneurs Need To Be More Like Trump

Creative Entrepreneurs Need To Be More Like Trump.

However you feel about our 45th President of the United States, there are a few key points we might as well learn from his unimaginable success. Here is a list of reasons why creative entrepreneurs need to be a bit more like Trump.

Put Your Brand on A Huge Golden Tower You are your brand. Don’t hesitate to brand yourself clearly and simply where everyone can see what you do and what you’re all about. Don’t worry about being too vain, or too “in your face” about it. Nobody will remember you unless you are clear, bold and BIG. Own that golden tower!

Go Big League (Also known as “Bigly”) Why do you NOT go big with your idea? Is it that you don’t want to grow too fast or hire employees? Do you not want to scale up with a manufacturer because you’re pretty comfortable staying up until midnight sewing before a Big Craft Show? Have you decided not to get a loan or ask for investors because it means you might have to, gulp, produce? You've got a nice comfy creative zone, right? I know you're worried that getting bigger will ruin that. But here's the deal: being in business is about making money. If you are not interested in making money--which is just fine!-- then you're a hobbyist. Be content with any decision you make but dig deep and make sure you aren't making that choice based on your fear. The world really needs your input.

Believe That You’re Always Right

Part of going Big League is making Big Mistakes, but you don't need to worry about that! You are definitely going to fail because that is precisely how you learn. That is how you know something won't work and there is something that will work. Who cares if the world sees your mistake? Replace it fast with your next big idea. And you must know that people will forget because they’re actually not paying that much attention to you. They’re preoccupied with their own fears and disasters. Let it go and keep looking forward.

Form Your Own "Inner Circle" You need people who actually believe in you so that when times are challenging, you remember to believe in yourself. Your loyal posse will serve you well while you disrupt the world with your new ideas. There are plenty of people who will try to convince you to do something safer or less outrageous. Kick them out of your inner circle! They are dream killers.They aren’t supporting you. They don’t know how to solve problems. Your risk taking makes them uncomfortable so just visit those people at holidays and smile politely. You and your posse have real work to do.

Buck The System If you are a creative person, you are not a part of the established system. You are a rule breaker by nature! Don’t deny your nature. You come up with an idea nobody else has even considered and do it because THAT is your strength. Your contribution to the world is to be disruptive and weird and “out there”. If you go boldly enough, and fail fast enough, you will make your mark faster and bigger than anyone else. Buck the system that says you can't do this.

Stand By Your Word, Until You Don’t When you make your bold decision to contribute your ideas into the world, stick to it. There will be critics and haters and people to prove you wrong because that’s their job. You don’t need to waver because of what they say. Don’t waffle because you are uncomfortable with conflict. Don’t hold back because you don’t want to stir the pot. Stick to what you know is true until YOU decide that it’s not true anymore. Then change your mind.

Be a Narcissist Believe that people want to hear from you. Believe that you have the Best Idea Ever. Believe that people are waiting to be moved by your song, or buy your art for the highest price, or listen to what you know about life. Don’t require or expect someone else to bring value to your work. Part of your job is to know you have something important to offer and you’ve got to believe it 100%.

Communicate in 140 Characters or Less Make your messages to the world simple and concise. Use language that evokes emotion. Write with words even a second-grader could understand. Make it so easy for someone to understand what you do and that it’s important. Don’t confuse them with the long story of why you say what you say. Don’t add complexity and complication to a simple need someone has. Make that bold statement and do it again and again.

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