8 Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest Account

If you want your business to be found in the 2 BILLION searches that occur every month on Pinterest, read these 6 tips on how to optimize your account. These aren't difficult to do yourself and you'll be on your way to world domination in no time.

1. Update your profile

Describe your business and what you'll be Pinning in your profile description. Add the location. Write your business name in the title.

2. Make Pin Boards and Pin several times per week!

Pinterest rewards accounts who are active and engaged on Pinterest and adding great content to make their users happy. Play their game and we all win.

3. Leverage your expertise to inspire your customers

You know a lot about your industry. Create content that helps users learn and do more with their future.

4. Offer expert advice in your niche

You know more about your niche than anyone! Share your secret resources, make boards that help users know what you know.

5. Collect products and resources that your customers need

Create Pinterest boards that are specific to a customer's need. Make it a one-stop-shop for all their supplies, including your amazing products.

6. Use and add keywords!

Keywords are words and phrases used to search for specific content. It's what a Pinterest user would say in a search bar. Find keywords in your niche by typing into the Pinterest search bar. Similar search ideas will come up in the auto-fill section.

You can also use keywords from the "guided search" feature Pinterest offers. This shows up once you've selected a topic and helps a user narrow down the idea.

Add keywords to:

• Your Pinterest profile

• Your Pinterest Board titles

• Your Pinterest Board descriptions

• Your pinned image captions

• In your website or images

7. Pin Original Content

Pin content from your own blog or website. Use the keyword search for content ideas.

8. Include Descriptive Details From Your Blog Pins

• Include a brief summary or quote from the article that relates to the theme of your Board

• Make a great image that emotionally connects with your Board theme

• Link directly to your blog article (not just your website)

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