What are Pinterest Rich Pins?

They’re not wealthier than the other Pins, but this is an important feature if you’re going to be a force to be Pinned with on Pinterest. Rich Pins are bits of web code that provide Pinterest with more information (the metadata) about your pin.

Why do I need Rich Pins?

The biggest advantage to Rich Pins is because it will update Pin information (or “metadata”) in real time. Since Pinned images can last a long time, not just a few seconds like Tweets or for a few days in Instagram and Facebook, links can go dead or outdated. The Pins become useless to the Pinners (and to you!).

Rich Pins also make Pins from your website dynamic, meaning that when you update the information it is automatically updated on the Pin. You don’t have to worry about updating old Pins! Or remembering that it was even a thing you were supposed to do.

Here are examples of 3 Rich Pin Categories

Product Rich Pins

Product Pins make it easier for Pinners to see information about things you sell and include pricing, availability and buy location. Product Pins are different from Buyable Pins because although they make information about your product readily available on Pinterest, they do not let a user buy the product directly from Pinterest.

Article Rich Pins

Article Pins let users know that they’re clicking on a page with original content that tells a story. Article Pins include a headline, author and story description.

Recipe Rich Pins

Recipe Pins make it easy for Pinners to see exactly what a recipe entails without leaving Pinterest. Recipe Pins can include title, ingredients, cooking times, serving information, and ratings.

How Do I Get Rich Pins?

Adding Rich Pins to your website is a two step process. It’s not complicated (if I can do it, you can do it), but it does require you to add some code to your website. Here are the links to help set this up:

Rich Pin Set Up

Rich Pin Validator

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