Making a Reference Document

Are you constantly looking up your web links? Are you always guessing what your branding colors and fonts are when making images? It's time for you to organize yourself a Reference Document so you can be much more efficient while you work.

What goes in a reference document?

A reference document is a digital file (it can be a Word Doc, a Google Doc or a note on your computer) that has all the basic links and information you need on a more frequent basis. I have found that keeping one of these handy means I don't have to look up my Facebook page link or try to remember what font I usually use when making an email newsletter.

Here is a basic list for your reference document

• Your business statement

• Your branding colors and their hex code numbers

• Your branding fonts and their substitutes if they're not web-friendly

• Links to all your social media pages

• Your general social media/marketing plan schedule

• The sites you use for stock art or photography

• The sites you use frequently for research, etc.

• Your frequently used hashtags or hashtag list

• Your photo file nomenclature

Other helpful items for your reference document

• Websites and passwords (I like to live dangerously)

• Your favorite podcast sites

• Articles you want to read later

• Links to events you've created online

• Accounts you think are inspirational

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