Want to Start Your Own Business? Read This First.

Do you have a great idea inside you that you're just dying to make a reality? Do you dream of making it Big with your special product? I know the feeling! You've been reading article after article about people just like you; average, everyday creative people who had an idea that is so amazing, it instantly takes off at full speed, with the owner laughing as she holds the reigns of six wild horses galloping toward business fame and fortune. Burt's Bees started out with only $200 investment and a little stand at a craft fair and later sold for $900 million. JK Rowling was on welfare while writing The Harry Potter series. Ree Drummond

was just a little lady married to a cowboy in the country and now has cookbooks published and a show on The Food Network. That's TOTALLY going to be you, isn't it?

You should do it!

Follow your passion! People are really attracted to those who are passionate about their business. You'd better be ready for massive growth and extreme popularity because your company is going to rock the socks off anything anyone has ever seen. You'll be scrambling to fulfill orders and hiring people to do your accounting, your shipping and your marketing. Your studio will be abuzz with people who also share your passion and are right behind you every successful step of the way. Within a year, you'll be featured in magazines because your product is so hot and trendy. You'll have people begging to buy your business for millions of dollars. You'll be able to retire at 40 to relax in your new Florida home and pursuing your hobbies like stand up paddle boating and learning guitar.

You NEED to do it!

Quit your job so you can have this success and be such an inspiration to everyone else because, what you don't know right now, is that there are business owners slogging away at their daily grind, wondering when your level of success is going to hit their bank coffers. They are currently praying to the business gods above that something even close to that level of mega-success happens by the time the next round of bills are due so they can make payroll without sacrificing their own salary—–again.

These business owners really need people like you to focus their hopes and dreams on because they are probably going to bed tonight feeling rather sick that they didn't hit their sales goals for the month. They are worried that they may have lost a big account because another company with a flashy marketing budget and professionally designed packaging just started making their exact product, only better, faster and cooler looking. They're also currently experiencing the crippling self-hatred because that the big account they thought was going to be The One, turned out to not be The One.

We need you to be the icon of business hope and inspiration.

You've got it right the first time.

You won't f*ck anything up at all! You're going to be so "on it" and full of positive energy because, if you do say so yourself, you're pretty darn smart. And super passionate! You went to college but college was highly over-rated because it had nothing REALLY valuable to teach you. You might have even dropped out to explore life and all the wonders of hourly wage working opportunities. College-schmollege! So what if you have never worked in the field you are about to jump into. You thought of something that NOBODY is doing, even those people who are doing the very same thing aren't really doing it like you are. Your business is so unique, it will just sell itself! All you have to do is build it, and they will come.

Your business will run like clockwork.

You will definitely not have to be the janitor tonight. You won't have to forego another vacation because you're just too tightly staffed to leave. There will be no rejections, or dark nights of the soul for you. Investors will float you while you're short on cash (which is silly to even think about because you'll never be short on cash). You don't have to worry about the dwindling years left to add to your non-existent retirement fund. Your business is going to be sold for millions, remember? That's going to be so freaking awesome.

Your business will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Here's another reason why you should go big with this great idea of yours. This business you're going into is going to allow you to have the lifestyle you've always wanted. No more managers looking over your shoulder. No more time consuming meetings and assignments that are beneath your creative intellect. No more counting days off and driving in rush hour traffic.

Even better, you're thinking about starting your family! What would be better than giving your children this amazing legacy of dreams turned into reality. Your bright and active children will see that you can do anything and win it all! You'll be able to take the kids to school and be there at home when they return because you're the boss now and you make your own schedule! You don't even need childcare because they can just hang out in your office with you and learn the valuable lessons of craft and capitalism from the expert--you!

In case you do hit a rough patch...

This will probably never happen, but if you do get into a pinch, and things aren't going gangbusters as fast as you expected, don't worry! There are so many people and organizations who will help you get back on the road to success. They'll tell you what worked in their successful business and show you where you can make adjustments to yours. But you will probably ignore their advice. You know what you're doing after all, and that talk of numbers and spreadsheets is, well, boooring. You forgot for a hot second that you're the expert here! You are 100% certain that so many people are just dying to buy the lovingly-made-by-your-artisinal-hands product at a price you randomly picked, that looking into scalability is, frankly, an offense to your craft. You'll go it alone again because clearly, other people don't understand your passion and vision.

Go for it!

I really mean that! If you have a burning passion to start something, then you absolutely should do it. When you make that exciting leap into the entrepreneurial world, take it from the many people who have done it and lived to tell the tale (even if their bank accounts say otherwise): Start your business with your starry eyes wide, wide open. Those stories you read about overnight success entrepreneurial businesses are awe inspiring, but they're a bit like the mermaids calling you over to the rocky shores of Entrepreneurial Island.

Passion alone isn't enough to sustain your business.

Passion alone isn't enough to sustain your business during times of low cash flow (like the tragic end of Blank Slate Brewery), and the most savvy marketing promotions won't save you if you encounter an epic crisis with an FDA inspection like Jeni's Ice Cream Company. Here is what will make the difference between you and the other 90% of entrepreneurs who survive more than 5 years. Nerves of steel will. Your innate ability to think on your feet will. Humility will. Inviting someone in who knows more about business than you do, will. Your real, honest business peers will. Persistence and determination to unlearn your shitty habits will. A damn fine spouse will. Courage to slay your personal demons will.

And you've got that in you. This business you're wanting to start is going to reveal every one of your most life-affirming and survival traits you've got. It's time to get started, isn't it?

Here is what will make the difference between you and the other 90% of entrepreneurs who survive more than 5 years: Nerves of Steel.

If I know you, and I definitely do know you, you are thinking you won't need that stuff. Don't worry. You'll find out when you're ready. And when you do, we'll be here at Creative Juice to help you when you need it.

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