Amazing Things You Did Not Know About The Impressum Section on Facebook

Have you been wondering what the "impressum" part on your Facebook business page is for? And

what the difference is between the "impressum" and the "about" section on a Facebook page?

These were indeed mysteries to me as well but with some Google searching, I have discovered the answer! The Impressum is not just another place to write a short description of what your company offers or sells, like I thought it was. It's not that at all! Read on to be smart and "impress" your friends...

What is the "impressum" part on my Facebook business page?

An "impressum" is where companies and media producers such as a websites, newspapers, or magazines report basic legal information about their company. This sometimes includes the address of the company, the purpose of the company, the managing partners and owners and the licenses used by the company. From what I researched, this is very important in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Here is an example of the Siemens (which is a company based in Germany) impressum. It was longer than my screen so some of it was cut off, but I think you'll get the gist:

At this moment, nobody in America gives a hoot about whether you have an impressum for your company or not, but Facebook is taking the "CYA" safe legal route just in case it becomes more widespread, or some of their users are businesses in Germany or do business with Germans.

Fun fact: The word "Impressum" is the word originally taken from the Latin origin that means by the credits, legal disclosure or the statement of ownership. In other words, it is a fancier definition of the introducing terms such as “about us” or “terms of conditions”.

What's included in a Facebook impressum:

If you'd like to become Germanically compliant, your Facebook Impressum gives the basic and important information about your page and your company. It can include the following:

1. The name of your business organization.

2. The postal address of your organization.

3. Other contact information, for example, e-mail ID, phone or mobile number, fax, etc.

4. Name of the page manager, owner of the business or the head of the organization.

5. Detailed, legal information about the business' registrations and license number.

6. A link to the official Impressum page on the business' website.

Another Fun Fact: In Germany not having a proper "Impressum" on a website has some pretty noteworthy implications. Some lawyers are aggressively scrutinizing the websites of their clients competitors for this information and sending cease-and-desist letters in the case it is not properly constructed or missing all together.

How to add an impressum on your Facebook page:

The impressum is optional for us Americans, but if you would like to include one, you will find it in the "about" section (on the left side) of your Facebook business page. Hover over the "Impressum" section header text and you will see the option to edit it.

I updated one of my client's impressums for their sports facility with their non-profit status and the managing partners. Why not, right?

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