What is a Facebook Pixel?

If you have a business page on Facebook, you have a really powerful marketing tool. Facebook in it's own creepy way, keeps really good records of all the stuff we do while we are on there. Of course it's aware of all the pages you have liked, and all the people you are friends with. It also analyzes the words we type in our posts, and what we click on and how long we stay at those clicked sites. There is no doubt that Big Brother Facebook is watching you verrry closely. It sounds kind of post-apocolyptic evil, doesn't it? Probably it is.

But before we all are destroyed by the internet, you can use that Facebook power for good! Good business, I mean. All that stuff Facebook knows, can be yours for a price. Remember the advertising of the olden days? You might pay for an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, and hope someone turns the page to see your 1/8 page horizontal, and then you hoped and prayed that they would act on it or even remember your existence. The odds were pretty dismal if you were on a tight budget but it was all we had, so we did it.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook offers a new and highly targeted form of advertising. If you put your marketing hat on for a moment, think about your target customers. Are they women? Are they in a particular location? Are they in a general age range? Do they like certain stores like Whole Foods? Do they like certain hobbies like painting or cosplay? If you have an idea about who your ideal customer is (and P.S., you need to know this), then Facebook can find this person for you, and thousands more like that. And for a small price (as low as $5), this information can be yours.

The Facebook Pixel helps you find new customers, or people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired action on your website. Plus, create Lookalike Audiences to reach more people who are similar to your best customers.

How can you access this data and use it to get traction and sales for your business?

When you use Facebook for promotions, you can create a custom Lookalike audience that matches your target customer. You can also have Facebook gather important data about your website that can be used for your promotions. This is done with a little piece of code, called a Facebook Pixel.

Here is more information from Facebook on the Pixel uses. Some get a little too complicated in my opinion but, of course, that's your call.

What is a Pixel?

Well, like I said, it's a little string of HTML code that lets Facebook record data about the people who are visiting your website. You might think you know your target customer's habits, but the Pixel knows more than you do. If someone visits your website, the Facebook Pixel tracks that person, and then can use the date to create more people like that.

"The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website." –Facebook

Click here for Facebook's page on Pixels and how to get them on your website.

When You Can't Use a Pixel

You can't use a Pixel if you don't have a website. You also need to be able to update the code on your website. I have done this (you know how averse I am to code) and it's not difficult, or you can ask your web developer to do it for you. It literally takes 30-60 seconds of time to complete.

You Only Get One Pixel

Even if you have several websites, you only get one Pixel from Facebook. You will be able to specify the location of your Pixel for data gathering purposes. Some people use the Pixel on different pages of their website to track certain products. Imagine you are Captain Kirk from Star Trek and Facebook is that super powerful computer he talks to: "Facebook: Give me data on everyone who visited the blog page about Halloween Costumes, and then make an audience with people just like that so I can rule the world."

The Pixel is Free

Yes, there is no cost to your Pixel. You only pay to promote something on Facebook. The Pixel makes those promotions much more effective.

Do not be afraid of the Pixel. Use the power of the Pixel for good business and you shall prosper. If you wish to have more information about Pixels and other business tips, sign up for The Squeeze, More Creative Juice's newsletter. Link at the bottom of the website.

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