How to type your hashtag list with one word

Otherwise known as: The best hashtag tip ever!!! In this post, I show you how to make a text phrase replacement in your iPhone. You can use this to replace a long list of hashtags with a short key phrase. It's awesome.

Hashtags. They'll make or break your Instagram post but it's so damned difficult to remember to include them! Or maybe you've made a list somewhere but it's a drag to find and copy the list every single time. Behold: The Best Hashtag Trick Ever.

Paste all your hashtags into your post with one single word!

Yes, it is that simple! You can set up your iPhone (and probably your Android phone but you know I don't speak that language) to recall and replace one special key phrase (such as "=artist") with your list of hashtags.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to make a keyword shortcut on your iPhone

Here are the written instructions:

1. Have your hashtag list on your phone somewhere you can copy and paste. Options: Email it to your phone account, copy it to your notes, type them in your notes, text it to yourself and copy it. OR you can skip this step altogether and type the hashtags directly into the keyword shortcut section.

2. Select and Copy the hashtag list.

3. Go to "Settings"

4. Click "General"

5. Click "Keyboard"

6. Click "Text Replacement"

7. Click "+" to add a new shortcut

8. Paste or type your hashtags into the "Phrase" section

9. Type your shortcut phrase in the "Shortcut" section. Choose something you won't accidentally type. I use the "=" because it's not a key I usually use but you could use any series of letters/characters/numbers for your shortcut.

10. When you want to use your shortcut, type in the shortcut phrase and watch for it to replace in your keyboard screen and select it.

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