2018 Word of The Year

Every December, we seem to reflect on our previous year and look forward to the next. Many of us eschew the idea of Goal Setting or New Years Resolutions. Somehow, that gets muddied up with failure to lose weight and disappointment in our lack of ambition or achievement. Since we are creative people and don't believe in sticking with the rules or the social norms in any way, we have come up with our own acceptable New Year routine.

We choose a word of the year instead of a resolution.

This word doesn't have to mean anything to anyone but you. It could help you tame a bad habit. It could remind you of what you want to be. It could keep you focused on just one important value you want to embody when times get chaotic and frustrating. It can even be more than one word! Just spend some time thinking about where you imagine yourself next year, and make a word that will get you there.

Here are the words that we declared at our latest meeting. Do any of these resonate with you and your hopes for the coming year?

We will also be sharing our Words on the Facebook group, and on Instagram, so join in when you are ready to commit!

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