How to Follow A Hashtag on Instagram

If you're on Instagram, these are a few good tips you may not have known about. This tip to follow a hashtag is really helpful for inspiration and for using the power of Creative Juice. Read how:

Follow a Hashtag

Love. This. You know how you follow accounts on Instagram to see their posts? Now you can follow hashtags just the same way. If there is a topic you want to see more of, or if you are in a particular challenge, you can select the corresponding hashtag and follow all the posts that use it.

Use Number 1: Be In The Scene

You are participating in the Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project. You post with the hashtag and want to see what others are posting for the project as well. You would follow that hashtag and each post would show up in your feed. Inspiration or rabbit hole when you see all the amazing posts; you decide.

Use Number 2: The Power of Juice

Creative Juice is a community that helps support creative entrepreneurs. We like to use our collective viewing power boost each other's posts whenever we can, so we follow the hashtag #creativejuice. If you use the hashtag #creativejuice on your post, we will see your post and like it or comment on it. Screw you algorithms. We've got Juice.

Use Number 3: Be Inspired

Having an Instagram account is like owning a curated list of inspirational content. You follow people who post amazing images, which lead to great ideas of your own, which lead to you jumping out of bed on a Saturday morning ready to get out your watercolor set or bake a delicious dessert. (Or maybe that's just me?) Now you can follow a hashtag of the type of content you like to see without searching for the account or exploring the search feed. If you like home decor ideas, follow #homedecor. If you like vegan recipes, follow #veganrecipes. If watching people play with sparkly slime (like my kids) then follow #slime.

Note: You can unfollow specific accounts that misuse the hashtag you are following. If you find they are not really posting content related to that hashtag, or if you just don't like their content, just click the {...} to the right of their account name on their post and "unfollow".

Here is a video on how to follow a hashtag. You can also click on any hashtag you see in a post and Instagram will ask if you want to follow it.

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