Want to sell online? Here's how.

A question that comes up ALL THE TIME is "How Do I Sell Online"? Well, my creative friend, there are many options and one that is exactly right for you and for your computer comfort level. This flow chart should get you started in the right direction.

The Bad News

No online selling source is "FREE". You will have to work to get your products online, you will have to work to get seen and work to get every sale. There is nothing about selling online that is easy or fast or magical. If the source is free, then the you have to pay with your blood sweat and tears to find your success. If you want success faster, then you will have to pay actual money. But you're in a business, right? There is no successful business that doesn't include a marketing budget and staff. If you're a business of one, then you've got all the hats to wear.

The Good News

Holy cow! All these options are available to you and you don't have to learn web code or get a degree in marketing to use them. That's the best news of all because you love to learn, and you're creative and you have lots of great stuff to sell.

Get started!

If you're in Cincinnati, then join our Creative Juice group meetings. They're a great source of collective knowledge from people you will know and like. We've all been there, we're still there, and we are ready to help you along the way.

If you're needing some one-on-one consultations and specific help or direction with your creative business, I'm always available for private consultations. Email me for rates and availability.

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