10 Social Media Post Ideas for Artists

Are you eager to do more with your social media but have already run out of exciting ideas for posting? Social Media burn-out comes up a lot in our Creative Juice meetings. Posting images of our work is effective at gaining more followers online, but even though we are creative people, we need some new and fresh ideas. Here are some suggestions of posts that connects your work and artist lifestyle to others who are very interested in it. Photos are great, but video captures the attention of our lizard brains.

If it helps—and it does usually help—make a social media posting outline for yourself. It doesn't have to be super detailed and include a new post each day (because I know you're not going to do that anyway) but it's easier to decide that maybe Monday is WIP day, Wednesday is New Work day, Friday is Inspiration Day. This gives just enough structure to make posting fun, but not so much that you'll be overwhelmed and shut down and do nothing.

10 Social Media Post Ideas for Artists

1. Work In Progress

Post an image of your work before it is finished: Show your painting on the easel, your knitting in your lap, your cast-away rejects.

2. Details, Details, Details

Post an image of a detail of your work. A close-up view or a special feature that many might not have seen. Make it abstract and intriguing. Describe what's going on and what the viewer is looking at. You can also include a second image with the complete work.

3. In Situ

Capture your work in the place it is created OR as it is in it's finished form. This is great for Plein Air painters, urban sketching, a figure drawing session, or your booth at a craft show. Take a photo of your work in your client's house.

4. Show Your Sketches

Even the most rudimentary sketch of a project can be fascinating to your "fans". Show how you sketch something before it becomes the "real life" work. Hashtag suggestions: #sketch #sketchbook

5. Show Your Process

Set your camera phone up and hit record. Take a photo of your desktop. People are endlessly fascinated by watching art come to life.

6. Behind the Scenes

Yes, the final photo is the one you'll tweak and present when the time comes, but don't forget to let people in on how the magic happens. Show the studio with the lights, show the mess just beyond the beautiful food image, take a moment to capture the real world of an artist.


Include a favorite or inspirational quote. You can incorporate this into your work, or just type it out and post.

8. Tool Tips

You are the expert on your supplies! Share a favorite pen, brush, paint set or even an app that helps you do your creative work.

9. Your Inspiration

What book has really got you excited this year, or in years' past? What aspect of the world around you makes you dive into your work? Show it, and talk about it.

10. Your Work In It's Final Resting Place

If you can get a photo from your client, fantastic. If not, you can use stock photography to place your artwork or product on the wall of a cool living room, or on a shelf.

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