Google Forms? Give them a try!

Are you looking for a simple, easy, AD FREE AND MONEY FREE way to invite people to an event, follow up with people after a meeting, or send a feedback survey after an event? There are of course, several websites that will do each of these but I just realized that the simplest way to do ALL of these things is with a site I already use all the time--Google!

Recently, I had a project where I needed to invite several people to a meeting, many of whom I did not know. I needed to offer information about the location, date and time of the meeting, ask for dinner preferences, and keep RSVP information current and shareable to the event coordinator. I tried looking for an App or a website that could manage that for me. Eventbrite is one option I've used in the past. I think even Mailchimp can do something similar too. But it all seemed daunting and complicated. (Read: There would be a time-consuming learning curve and I wanted something pretty simple and straightforward.)

Someone recommended "Google Forms" to me. Like the rest of the world, I use Google for the usual search engine. I also use G-mail from Google. I use Google docs and folders for sharing documents with teams. I use Google as a collective calendar too. All good. But I had never even seen this Google Form option. And folks, it turned out that Google Forms was the easiest answer to my all my event collecting data needs!

It took a moment to find Google Forms but once I found it, it was very easy to set up exactly what I needed.

What is a Google Form?

A Google form is an interactive information collection device or application. You can create a form that can request and record information in a variety of formats (multiple choice, short answer, 1-5 scale, etc). You can use it as a poll. You can offer event registration and RSVP information for an event. You can gather requests for a product by size and color options. It is very customizable and super easy to use.

Where are Google Forms?

You can access Google Forms in your Google Drive. First go to a new web browsing tab and look at the upper right corner. The square group of dots are your "Google Apps". That's where you find your Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail etc. Click Google Drive.

In the upper left corner in your Google Drive, click on "New +" and your options open further. Click "More" and you will see the Google Forms option. You can use their template (the easiest when you're starting new) or create your own from scratch:

The Google Form is very easy to create. There are lots of options too. Here is a visual of the working part of the form. You can click this link to see the preview of my demo Google Form.

How Do People Find and Use Your Google Form?

You can send the Google form in many ways: Email, a live link, or even as code on your website. Pretty useful AND IT'S FREE once you sell your soul to Google but you've already done that so yeah, it's FREE!

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