4 New Facebook Rules Creatives Need to Know

Facebook Loves You. Facebook is always trying to make YOU, the user, happy. They want your online experience to be as helpful and engaging as possible because, well because that makes you more likely to use Facebook *cough*addicted*cough* which in turn makes their social media empire more successful. With that goal in mind, Facebook announced some new rules to help you play their game, which in turn will actually make YOU more successful in your business. Here's the squeeze: 1. Facebook promotes posts with links.

This means you should include a link to your site or products, or links to other sites or products.

2. Facebook will promote posts that have more engagement (comments, likes etc). They want the action to happen on Facebook, not in the comments of your website or blog.

3. Facebook will DEMOTE posts that have headlines that read like click-bait. They are actually checking to see how long people spend on the linked site and if it's too short (meaning, you didn't provide the content you promised) they will push your post into the abyss. They also are looking for exaggerations and over-sensationalized words to clue them in on your content value.

4. Facebook will promote posts with clear, informational content. Don't leave anyone hanging. Offer helpful and interesting information in your post, not just a quick headline and link for the article. Read more about the how and the why in this article.

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