Google Stuff You May Want To Know

I went to a Google thing recently, hoping to catch some good information how to boost our online creative entrepreneurial websites and came back with some gems. Here they are:

Micro-Movements Narrative

Google is really into the concept that our biggest opportunities come in the minutiae of every day life.

We Don't Go Online. We Live Online.

To be honest, I was disturbed by the truth of this. Every moment is indeed lived through a social media lens and Google knows it. It knows where we eat, what we say, where we live and play. Their business mission is to make every online interaction more relevant and more meaningful. The careful monitoring of this data knowledge leads to a better online experience because it is truly customized for the user. The benefit of that concept is that as an advertiser, Google is really going to help us find the people who will want to see what we have to offer. It's a win-win... until the electrical grid gives out.

If Someone is Looking For You, You Should Be There

This means that it's definitely worth the effort to figure out how people search for you or your product. If you know that, then you can strategize your content, keywords, and online interactions to be FOUND. That's a lot of what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about. It's also about Google Business Listings (see below).

Make sure all your business directories are complete and accurate.

If you retain any part of this blog post, retain this: Register your business via the Google Business Listings. It's free. It feeds ALL search engines and it is up to date in real time. This is super important.

A Google Search Moment is Usually Comprised of These Questions

I want to know...

I want to go...

I want to do...

I want to buy...

There is often a discrepancy between how you see yourself and how others see (or search for) you

Does it help to think about where your business fits in to those 4 questions? Do you offer informational tutorials or answer questions about your product or services? Are you registered as a business with a location (even if you are service-based)? Do you have an experience to offer? Do you have a product that solves a problem for someone? Thinking this way helps me to understand what someone ELSE is thinking when it comes to my business. It gets me out of the "me" part of the business, you know?

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