How to Add SEO to Your Web Images

How do you add SEO to web images? It's not too tricky and well worth the effort because your photos are the most likely to be seen by the Google-bots and lead people on a bread-crumb trail to you. I'll show you some easy tips on how to add SEO to your images. Don't worry! You don't need to put this much work on all your images. Just focus the photos that are key to the content on your website (such as on your home page).


It is very important to name your photographs something other than your camera's default setting, such as "DCS22957", or your random title of the day. An image that is surrounded by related text, ranks better for the keyword it is optimized for. I'm going to use Frank Satogata's beautiful abstract floral painting as my example.

How to choose the right image name

Use keywords that describe the basic visual content of the image so that the Google-bots know what it is without seeing it. Frank named this image "phoca_thumb_l_floral abundance low". The Google-bots just gave up after reading "phoca" because, well, what even is that?


Use keywords to describe the content of your image. The main keyword is ideally the main subject of the photo, that is why it’s at the beginning of the file name. Be brief!!


Use additional keywords to draw someone searching to your work or image.


The name of the company or your name should be last in the string of words. It's a good idea to include a copyright too, because that helps the honest people stay honest, right?

So, with all that SEO knowledge, Frank could name his image something like this:


By the way, what you name your image is also the default caption when the image is Pinned into a Pinterest board.

Where do you find keywords?

If you use Google Adwords, you can see what words people use to search for your site already. There are several apps and website services that help you with this as well, but I think it's easiest to just use Google. Start with the actual description of the photo and start typing into a Google search for your subject matter. Google will offer additional search choices or, "keywords" based on what people type in when searching for that subject: keyword. Find the most popular wording that makes sense for your image and use it. Here is an example of the keyword search I used for Frank's painting.

On the images above, I started typing in a description to get a direction from Google. Then I kept typing the Google suggestions that made sense to the image and got more specific options.

Now, you ask,

Where Do I Change The Name of The Photo?

You can do it in your photo editing software such as Photoshop but who ever does this? Not many people are thinking that far ahead! Plus, you may have your own nomenclature for your personal filing system. NO WORRIES! Your website program gives you the opportunity to add this SEO to your images as you upload them. Here is a video showing how to do it in a WIX website.

What do I do now?

Well, start including some better naming of your web images, of course! If you're interested in improving your creative business, like we are at Creative Juice, then sign up for our informative emails, whydoncha?

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