How to Find Pinterest Keywords

Wanna know the secret to moving up in the Pinterest world? It's keywords. Keywords are words and phrases used to search for topics and if you have those same words and phrases in your content, then you will increase your chances of being found!

There are over 2 Billion searches every month on Pinterest and it covers almost 5% of the total internet search traffic. This means that Pinterest is a BIG player in the searchable content all over the world.

How to find keywords

The simplest way to find keywords in your niche is to go to Pinterest and use the "search" box up at the top. Pretend you are a future customer looking for your product or service. Start typing search words or phrases into the search box that would make sense for your product or service. Magically, Pinterest will auto-fill with the most popular search keywords in that topic. Those are your keywords. You will also notice that Pinterest has a secondary search section once you select a topic. Those are called the "guided search" words, and are more great keywords for you to use.

Write your keywords on a list because you're going to use them over and over again!

Where to use keywords in Pinterest

• Your Pinterest profile

• Your Pinterest Board titles

• Your Pinterest Board descriptions

• Your pinned image captions

• In your website or images

Here is a quick tutorial video showing how to search for your keywords

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