Linktree: Add More Live Links in Instagram

I just discovered how to get several links from the one link allowed in your Instagram profile! I've seen this in several Instagram accounts and always wondered how they did it. If I was a super clever girl, I would have just looked at the url for the clues, but well, I'm not always super clever. Anyhoo, thank goodness there is Creative Juice and people like Gina Weathersby to enlighten me!

The Overview

Instagram only allows ONE live link in the profile. You cannot add more links in the caption of photos (well, you can but they're not live links). If you wanted to send someone to a blog post or event page, you had to change the link in bio. No biggie, but if you are someone with prolific content (like a food blogger or photographer), that's not enough!


Linktree is a FREE program—not an app!— that you can access on your desktop computer or from your web browser on your phone. Sign up and connect your Instagram account. Then add as many live links as you would like, each will be a separate button with it's own title and link. Then copy your unique Linktree URL and put THAT into the one link in your profile. Here it is in action for Chef Gerrie and Gina Weathersby.

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